body confidence with sadie.

body confidence with sadie.


Bringing you workouts straight to your front room, bedroom, or garden…

Just because we’re on lockdown, doesn’t mean you have to stop being active!

Which is why I’m doing 10 classes a week via Zoom to keep you all as active (and sane) as possible!




All classes to take place via Zoom app, with 10 people per class to make sure you can all get the coaching you need! 

When you purchase your pass, make sure you fill out the form below to book your classes. This will allow me to send you the link to join the class! 


Helping women gain strength and confidence in the gym so that can feel empowered and confident in every day life. 

I hate to ask this, but when was the last time you actually felt confident in yourself? Like really? I want to change that! 

Strength training and the gym literally changed my life, and it gave me more confidence than I ever thought possible. Now I want it to do the same for you.  

In 3 months I’m going to provide you with all the tools and knowledge you need to achieve your goals, while having a good quality life, and enjoying the process!

Feel that change from the inside out, not the outside in.  

3 months of investing in yourself.
Invest in your improving your health.
Invest in building your strength.
Invest in growing your confidence…



Two 1-2-1 sessions a week
1-2 extra gym sessions a week 
Daily Calorie + Protein Goal 
Daily Step Targets 
Monthly Fitness Tests + Two Weekly Check Ins

Client Testimonials

  • “I can walk into a gym and not feel self conscious, and she has made me realise that everyone started somewhere once. She really has changed my life and fitness, I’m not there yet but with her support I’m confident I can achieve my goals” 

    Sarah H
  • “Was getting back into the gym again after a while and was not sure where to start but Sadie got me working in the right direction. She is a great trainer, has taught me so much and really motivates you, she does make you work hard but also makes training fun. Feeling so much better in myself and looking better too since training with Sadie!”

    Aisling N
  • “She is always there for anything, and I can be 100% honest when I’ve had a bad day and she will help me get back on track without making me feel like I’ve failed. Sadie knows her stuff, knows how far she can push me, and always takes into consideration my injuries when creating a workout for me. Loving my new confidence and fitness!!”

    Amy S
  • ‘Sadie is brilliant at what she does. She pushes you to do things you wouldn’t ever of dreamt you’d be able to do. 
    The sessions are so good it motivates you to want to do it on your own just so you get better. 
    She’s the best 10/10 💯’

    Sara H
  • “I contacted Sadie in Jan 2019 as I was suddenly aware that it’s the year I’m getting married and I really wanted to shift some weight. Having lost approx 2 stone with slimming world I’d hit a plateau, I’d changed my job to one with a 90 mile round trip which means I’m out of the house 11 hours of the day. I was eating more and exercising less. I needed someone just like Sadie to kick my arse into gear!!
    The daily messages and having someone on hand for advice is really what has made the difference for me. Sadie has tailored the exercise plan so I never have an excuse not to do it. With constant check ins I have accountability and 12 weeks in I’ve lost 13kg and feel better than I have for as long as I can remember.
    I can’t recommend Sadie enough. I’ve still got just under 5 months to the wedding and am confident I’ll be where I want to be well in time.
    Thank you Sadie”

    Mel H
  • ‘Your programme is aptly named, I wore a fitted dress and heels today and felt great! Definitely getting my confidence back, I was hot and I knew it! And mum agreed! And mums don’t lie!
    Thank you so so much’ 
    Prasshy J

Ready to start feeling strong, sexy and confident…?



All training is carried out at Pure Gym in Aylesbury.

Shopping Park, HP20 1DG